Modern technology requires

competent services that offers optimum benefits and IT maintenance, with its cost, difficulty and expenses, remains one of the most urgent and critical issues for enterprises worldwide.

Your equipment is a critical

part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect.

We at Marklink understand that you

have no time for downtime and provide you the maintenance services that will ensure minimal downtime, efficient performance of your IT&C solutions and ensure and support the resolution of specific business challenges.

Due to our realistic approach

we understand that both the market and the needs of our clients are constantly evolving and in the current business environment enterprises have a cost-cutting orientation and IT managers had to do more with less.

Entering cooperation with international suppliers and competent local partners

Providing services and resources for developing new markets in South Eastern Europe

Offering an effective network of business contacts and partners in Central and South Eastern Europe and the United States